The Bo-Keys w/ Percy Wiggins featured in the 78 Project film and soundtrack

The original soundtrack to The 78 Project Movie is now available for pre-order !

The 78 Project: Volume 2 – Original Soundtrack to The 78 Project Movie contains 15 one-of-a-kind one-take recordings cut directly to acetate disks on our 1930′s Presto disk recorder in The 78 Project Movie. These recordings are not available anywhere else, with singular performances by John DoeVictoria WilliamsThe Bo-Keys feat. Percy WigginsGaby Moreno & Adam LevyThe Reverend John WilkinsLouis Michot, Corey Ledet & Ashlee MichotJohn Reilly & Tom BrosseauJoe BussardJohn Paul KeithBen VaughnCoati MundiSea of BeesLittle WingsElla Mae Bowen and The Easy Leaves. We can’t wait for you to hear them.

Reserve your copy of The 78 Project: Volume 2 – Original Soundtrack to The 78 Project Movie by pre-ordering now! You’ll receive the limited edition vinyl in the mail along with a digital download card that gets you the songs and downloadable in-depth digital liner notes.

This album is a very limited edition, and will only be available while supplies last via and in select stores. (Our pressing of Volume 1 sold out within a week.)

For full tracklisting, more information, and to pre-order your copy, go to The 78 Project shop!

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